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    Human Resources

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    Lianyungang Yunzhi Bao Food Co. Ltd., the need for business development, we hope the following talents:
    Candy production engineer (one)
    1, in the confectionery industry for more than 10 years, at least 8 years experience in candy Engineer
    2, innovative consciousness and innovative ability
    3, have certain management ability and organization ability
    Age: no limit
    Gender: Male
    Education: no limit
    Workshop management personnel (several)
    1, at least 3 years of management experience, management experience in food industry preferred
    2, good working attitude, good work habits
    The relationship between the 3, can better coordinate of each workshop
    Age: no limit
    Gender: Male
    Education: no limit

    Company other site: Taobao      Alibaba     Alibaba International
    Tel: 0518-83082590     Fax: 0518-83082555
    Add: No.1 latitude 3rd road, Haizhou E&T Dev.zone,lianyungang,jiangsu,china     Email: xyz@lygyzb.com
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